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Suji Jung PhD

I am a highly self-motivated, independent, and productive researcher with professional research and field experience in child development. My research interests lie in child language and cognitive development, word/concept learning, self-directed learning, and parent-child interaction. My work integrates a range of theoretical approaches from developmental psychology, linguistics, and early childhood education.

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Ph. D. 

Seoul National University

Dept. of Child Development and Family Studies

  • Combined M.A./Ph.D. program

  • Dissertation: The Effect of Parent-Child Lexical Interaction on Preschoolers’ Receptive Vocabulary Size: Word Awareness and Incidental Word Learning as Mediators



Wonkwang Digital University

Department of Language and Speech Therapy

  • Certificate in Speech Language Pathologist, National certificate by Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare



Seoul National University

Cum Laude, Dept. of Child Development and Family Studies

  • Certificate in Childcare Teacher, National certificate by Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare


*indicates corresponding author

  • Parent-child interaction and language development

  1. Jung. S., & Choi, N.* (in preparation). The effect of parent-child lexical interaction on preschoolers’ receptive vocabulary size: Word awareness and incidental word learning as mediators.

  2. Jung. S., Kiaer, J.*, & Choi, N. (under review). Differential effect of formality of speech style on negation selection in Korean children and adults. Journal of Psycholinguistic Research.

  3. Choi, N., Sheo, J.*, Jung, S., & Choi, J. (under review). Newspaper reading in families with school-age children: Relationship between parent–child interaction using newspaper, reading motivation, and academic achievement. The Journal of Educational Research.

  4. Jung, S., & Choi, N.* (2020). Development and validation of parent-child lexical interaction scale for preschoolers (PLIS-P). Family and Environment Research, 58(3), 429-445.

  5. Jung, S., Choi, N.*, & Jung, S. (2020). The effects of the first reading experience of infancy on reading and academic achievement of elementary first graders. Elementary Education Online, 19(2). 415-425.

  • Literacy development

  1. Choi, N., Jung, S., Choi, J., Park, S., & Kim, H. (in preparation). Literacy kindergarten. Seoul: EBS Books.

  2. Choi, N., Jung. S.*, Choi, J., Park, S. & Kim, H. (2022). The effect of Balanced & Integrated Literacy Education Program for Early Childhood (BILEPEC) on preschoolers’ basic literacy skills. Journal of Cognitive Enhancement and Intervention, 13(1), 21-49.

  • L2 acquisition

  1. Choi, N., Jung, S., & No, B.* (in preparation). The relationship between parental involvement and the profile of English learning motivation of elementary school children in EFL context.

  2. Choi, M., Jung, S.*, Park, Y. M., & Chung, H. (2020). The effects of satisfaction with school English instruction & parents’ pressure for academic achievement on student’s English learning motivation & behavior: Comparison between general & special-purpose high schools. Journal of Learner-Centered Curriculum and Instruction, 20(2), 1177-2106.

  3. Choi, N., No, B.*, Jung, S., & Lee, S. (2019). What affects middle school students’ English anxiety in the EFL context? Evidence from South Korea. Education Sciences, 9(1), 39.

  • Self-regulation and Learning

  1. Choi, H., Cho, J., Choi, N., Lee., S., Jung. S.* (under review). A high level of self-control can mitigate the link between children’s risky play attempt and their injury experience in the nature. Early Childhood Education Journal.

  2. Jung, S., & Choi, N.* (2020). Effect of family functioning on preschoolers' school readiness: Mediating effects of mothers' affective parenting and preschoolers' self-regulation. Family and Environment Research, 58(1), 1-12.

  3. Choi, N., No, B.*, Jung, S., & Lee, S. (2019). What affects middle school students’ English anxiety in the EFL context? Evidence from South Korea. Education Sciences, 9(1), 39.

  • Broader topics

  1. Jung, S. & Yi, S. H.* (2016). Analysis of longitudinal relation of psychological maladaptation, satisfaction with community child centers, and school adjustment of children in community chlid centers using autoregressive cross-lagged modeling. Journal of Youth Welfare, 18(4), 163-190.

  2. Jung, S., Pack, Y. H., Song, J. N., Kim, D., & Yi, S. H.* (2016). Changes in preschool childcare and private education expenses of different income groups caused by the expansion of the childcare subsidy recipients: A focus on universal childcare policy, Korean Journal of Child Studies, 67(2), 27-42.

  3. Kang, H. G., Song, J. N.*, Jung, S., & Yi, S. H. (2015). A study on the effects of career decision level in early adolescence and university-major satisfaction on identity development trajectories. Journal of Employment and Skills Development, 18(3), 57-88. doi: 10.36907/krivet.2015.18.3.57

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2021 - 2022

Project Leader

Co-production of the TV program “Literacy Kindergarten” with EBS (Korea Educational Broadcasting System), official homepage

2016 - 2019, 2021 - 2022


Seoul National University, Children’s language development and guidance

Soongsil Cyber University, Inclusive education

Suwon University, Introduction to special education


Oriental Studies Faculty, University of Oxford, UK

Visiting Researcher

2016 - 2019

Center for Child Educare Service & Research

Child Care Teacher

2014, 2018

Graduate Student Instructor Scholarship

Graduate Research Assistant


Seoul Court Childcare Center

Child Care Teacher

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Feb 2019

Visiting Researcher,

University of Oxford

- Final research presentation -

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Nov 2021

Korean educational TV show

 ‘Literacy Kindergarten’

- Conducting experiments on word learning with children -

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Proficient user of data analysis packages including SPSS, AMOS, Mplus, and JMetrik.

  • Descriptive statistics analysis, t-test, one-way/two-way/three-way ANOVA, ANCOVA, crossover analysis, Pearson’s correlations, regression, logistical regression, PROCESS MACRO analysis

  • Structural equation modeling, multi-group analysis, Latent Profile Analysis (LPA), Autoregressive cross-lagged modeling

  • Exploratory/confirmatory factor analysis, Rasch model


Korean (Native)

English (Professional proficiency)

Chinese (Conversational proficiency)

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Suji Jung CV 2022

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La Jolla, San Diego, CA (from March 2022)

(Tel) 858-241-4066

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